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Take Home Meals

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Get individual meals delivered to your door!  Meals arrive frozen so you can pop them straight in the freezer.

Delivery is free for Orders over $50 (Caloundra area only), otherwise a $5 fee will apply.  Extra Meals are available in Store.


Favourites - $7.90ea

  • Macaroni Cheese - Macaroni pasta covered in creamy cheesy sauce
  • Spaghetti Bolognese - Spaghetti pasta topped with savoury beef mince and cheese
  • Bangers & Mash - 2 Beef Sausages served with creamy mash, onion gravy and peas
  • Butter Chicken & Rice (GF) - Mild butter chicken curry served with steamed rice
  • Hoisin Beef & Vegetable Stir-Fry & Rice - Beef rib fillet and Asian vegetables served with steamed rice
  • Potato Gnocchi - Potato dumplings in a Napoli sauce served with vegetables
  • Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli - Ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce with vegetables
  • Vegetarian Enchilada - Mexican mixed vegetables wrapped in a soft tortilla topped with salsa and cheese
  • Chicken Enchilada - Mexican chicken, onion and capsicum wrapped in a tortilla, topped with salsa and cheese
  • Ratatouille (V)(GF) - A stew of mixed vegetables in a herbed tomato sauce
  • Mexican Beans with Quinoa (GF) - Myrtles own Mexican style beans served with quinoa
  • Tuna Bake - Creamy pasta bake with tune, peas and corn

Traditional - $8.90ea

  • Cottage Pie - Myrtle's savoury mince topped with cream mashed potato
  • Rissoles & Veg (P)(GF) - Homemade rissoles, gravy & vegetables
  • Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash (P)(GF) - Grilled chicken breast served with sweet potato mash and mixed vegetables
  • Coconut Curry & Quinoa (P) - Chicken breast coconut milk curry served with quinoa
  • Salmon Patties & Veg (P)(GF) - Salmon and vegetable patties served with rice and mixed vegetables
  • Chicken Parmigiana - Crumbed chicken breast topped with napoli sauce and cheese served with vegetables
  • Roast Lamb (P)(GF) - Roast Lamb, vegetables and gravy
  • Roast Pork (P)(GF) - Roast Port, vegetables, apple sauce and gravy
  • Roast Chicken - Roas chicken, roast vegetables, greens and gravy
  • Beef Lasagne - Beef mince layered between pasta and tomato vegetables sauce with bechamel and cheese
  • Vegetable Lasagne - Layers of herbed tomato mixed vegetables and pasta with bechamel and cheese
  • Steak & Mushroom Sauce (P)(GF) - Beef rib fillet with a creamy mushroom sauce served with mixed vegetable
  • Meatloaf & Veg (P)(GF) - Myrtles special meatloaf recipe served with sweet potato mash and mixed veg

(V) Vegan, (P) High Protein, (GF) Gluten Free

Assorted Soups, Quiches & Desserts Available